Time for a trackday. I organize events at the spectacular Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ontario. Let me know if you want to be comped for an event . . . with the caveat that you have to write about it on Jalopnik. We’re pretty chill up here, and your speedometer will actually be useful. Plus, the RHD… » 4/15/15 3:13pm 4/15/15 3:13pm

I am of the opinion that the PRIMARY job of a driving coach (or in this case, instructor, since the student was still in the Intermediate group) is to ensure that this scenario doesn't happen. I love that "a-ha" moment as a student develops the confidence to go deeper into the braking zone, and to nail that perfect… » 4/13/15 12:15pm 4/13/15 12:15pm

I like to do my own work. But I create a paper trail . . . I have receipts for parts, and dirty, oil-smudged print outs of manufacturer’s instructions (props to Beisan Systems for their incredibly comprehensive DIY on S54 Vanos rebuild), and digital pics. I believe that a competent, and committed owner is likely to… » 3/31/15 3:19pm 3/31/15 3:19pm